KidGuard Insurance Enrollment

KidGuard Insurance Enrollment
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Park Hill School District (per Board Policy JHA) continues to offer all families the opportunity to enroll their student(s) (Pre-K through 12th) in a low cost, district approved insurance program.

Coverage can be purchased at any time during the school year with coverage terminating on the last day of the regular school term.

Click here to access the Enrollment Form (PDF).


KidGuard offers four basic options:                      1) 24 Hour Basic Accident Insurance Plan

                                                                              2) School Time Basic Accident Insurance Plan

                                                                              3) Increased Dental Accident Coverage

                                                                              4) In-Hospital Sickness Benefit Option


KidGuard also offers two additional options:        A) In-Hospital Sickness Coverage Benefit Option

B) Increased Dental Accident Coverage Option


The KidGuard Insurance Enrollment Form is to be mailed by families directly to KidGuard in Saint Louis, MO.  The school district is not involved in the collection of applications or premium payments. 


Refer all questions concerning claim benefits and claim liability to the insurance agency:


                                                                              Lawrence E. Smith & Associates, Inc.

                                                                              P.O. Box 411216

                                                                              Saint Louis, MO 63141-1216